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Q How to use humidification-pad?
Q What specific or particular functional operation do we need at the period of end of hatch?
Q Can we turn off the melody sound when in turning?
Q How frequent do we have to fill up water?
Q How much successful in hatching rate?
Q How to use rcom machines at the most optimal condition?
Q Is there any difference between current products and old products?
Q When not in use, your suggestion for reservation?
Q We want to purchase the other accessories,if any, besides those on website?
Q The transparent windows are detached into two parts!
Q How about it with much dirt inside machine? Is it OK?
Q What if small waterdrops inside machine from time to time?
Q We see no hatching after due date. What can we do?
Q The most preferrable turninginterval?
Q How can we check and see if machine is all right and goes into normal condition.