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Product name

Rcom MARU DELUXE H&B 380 요약정보 및 구매

Manufacturer AUTOELEX
포인트 11,550
Brand RCOM
Model MX-380 HBD
판매가격 1,155,000원
배송비 3,000 원 (50,000원이상 주문시 무료)







Precautions when using the RCOM incubator

Thank you for choosing an RCOM incubator.

 Please be sure to check the following information before incubation.


Due to the high risks involved in incubating rare or costly eggs, it is recommended to test the incubator thoroughly before use. 
Unexpected problems may arise during the incubation process too. 
Please prepare an extra incubator to prevent such problems, 
and it is also very important to regularly observe the internal conditions and the condition of the eggs.

 Neither the manufacturer or distributor are liable for any loss off eggs or chicks as a result of the incubation process.



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